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Rates are based on subject matter and usage. A day is eight hours for print, ten hours for commercials and videos. Overtime is computed at time and one-half after eight hours for print and after ten hours for commercials and videos. Double-time after twelve hours.

Travel-time and Down Days:

Travel time fees are computed at half of the straight-time hourly rate when travel exceeds 30 miles. For distant locations, travel days and down days (non working days on location) are charged at the half day rate.


Agency Fee:

All fees for the artist’s time, i.e. production meetings, prep; shoot, overtime, down-time, wrap and cancellations are subject to a 20% agency fee.


For distant location jobs, the client pays all expenses including mileage (billed at the prevailing IRS rate if the artist uses their own vehicle), taxis, airfare meals, and accommodations.



Bookings cancelled within 24 hours are charged a full-day rate. The half day rate applies when the bookings are cancelled within 48 hours. Cancellation of several days’ bookings must be made the same number of days prior to the first booked day in order to avoid a full charge for the entire booking. When RJ Bennett Represents turns down other work to make an artist available and so notifies the client, a 100% charge for the entire booking will apply regardless of how much cancellation notice was given.


Weather Permit Bookings:

A same-day cancellation fee is charged at the full time rate. Bookings cancelled the day before are charged at the half-day rate.

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